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About us

Years of experience 

The ARIAN SERVIS team has nearly twenty years of experience in the construction and servicing of petrol stations. In our beginnings we were focused primarily on minor construction modifications and routine service works. However, thanks to the experience gained by years of cooperation with our partners, we are now providing complex and demanding technical solutions to renowned companies such as Shell, OMV and Slovnaft.


Quality and expertise

Our greatest advantage is the analytical approach to the solution of complicated and challenging technical problems. The realization of each of our projects is preceded by responsible preparation and thorough planning which takes into account the needs and requirements of our clients. In the implementation phase of our solutions we put great emphasis on the quality of the materials used, as well as on the technical design. We are mindful that providing cutting-edge technology solutions is only possible thanks to modern and high-quality equipment. Therefore, we regularly invest in upgrading and renewing our equipment and technology.


Knowledge and experience

The quality of our work is based on two pillars. First and foremost, we value our expertise since our projects require a very broad range of knowledge, from norms on electrical installations to safety standards for fuel storage. Our second pillar is our experience which we are constantly developing and improving. We view every project not just as a set of technical solutions but also as the possibility for further development and innovation of our services and technologies.



When it comes to safety, we do not make any compromises as we work in a very risky environment of petrol stations. For this reason, we put a strong emphasis on the safety aspects of each of our projects, from its planning to daily use. We also provide regular and complex safety training to our employees. 



Petrol stations potentially pose a serious risk to the environment, and therefore we adhere to the laws and standards on environmental protection. In addition, we protect nature proactively by choosing the adequate materials and working procedures.

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